Does Bankruptcy Clear All Debts to the IRS?

That old saying about death and taxes has stuck around for so long because it is almost impossible to make tax debts go away except by paying them. In so many other contexts, it is possible to make financial obligations appear out of thin air and disappear again simply by running one’s mouth; this is what the insurance write-off, [...]

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Future Credit?

An urban legend has it that filing for bankruptcy renders you unable to borrow money for seven years, in much the way that breaking a mirror gives you seven years of bad luck. In this case, bad luck means pulling a wad of one-dollar bills and counting coins in the checkout line of the supermarket as you buy instant [...]

The State of Bankruptcy in New Jersey in 2022

Revolving Credit Card Debt and Personal Loans As we emerge from the first two years of the pandemic, New Jersey residents are carrying record amounts of revolving credit card debt and personal loans. Pandemic era relief programs offered short-term debt relief options such as a forbearance on credit card payments and reduced minimum payments. However, at the end of [...]

Loan Modification Process

Let’s talk about the research that goes behind your loan modification process that and what distinguishes your process from simply filling out and submitting a loan modification application? With loan modifications, I can't tell someone just in the initial consultation what the likelihood of a loan modification on their mortgage is going to be. It is all dependent on what [...]

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